AdvancedMD Case Study


AdvancedMD is a leading medical billing and EHR software solutions for medical practices. AdvancedMD partnered with HyperX to generate demand in the form of new leads and to increase lead-to-opportunity, and opportunity-to-sale conversion rates.


HyperX runs the AdvancedMD lead nurture program which leverages Marketo to deliver automated email engagement programs. We also provide CRM, lead center process, and sales process optimization consulting.

HyperX also runs the AdvancedMD demand generation program which includes, paid search, paid social, display retargeting, CPL lead vendor channels and drives over 2,000 qualified medical professional leads per month.

In one year, our strategies and execution produced a 54% increase in total sales, 64% increase in opportunity-to-sale conversions, and 45% increase in total sales opportunities. Our 8-year ongoing relationship with AdvancedMD continues to deliver similar year-over-year results.

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