Going the Distance with Your Online Marketing Campaign Budget

Frequently we meet with new clients eager to jump into the world of online advertising. They are launching a new product, service, brand or even a new company. We sit down with them, assess their ideas, efforts, and hopefully their objectives. Then we dance…

We dance around the elephant in the room – the budget.

Often, clients want to skirt the issue, hoping that somewhere in the discussion we will stumble across the exact solution for their needs for less than they want to spend.

Here’s an analogy for anyone considering a foray into the world of online (or any) advertising.

According to Google maps it is 302 miles from Salt Lake City, UT to St. George UT. (They say it will take 4 hours and 48 minutes. I guess they know about the horrible delays in Utah County). Let’s say that your vehicle gets 30 mpg at an average speed of 70 mph. You will need at least 10 gallons of gasoline to make the trip. At $3.50 per gallon, sufficient fuel will cost you $35.00 one way. Maybe you are in a hurry, and need to average 80 mph. You shave off a little travel time and also lower your mpg to 25. Now your trip will cost $42.

If reaching an advertising goal or objective is analogous to travelling to St. George, it is imperative that you have sufficient budget to fill the tank. If you want to reach your objective more quickly, it will require a larger budget. You don’t want end up walking by the freeway carrying a gas can.

Be wary of any purveyors of advertising products or services that will gladly sell you less than a full tank of gas…

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