The Handy Guide to Repurposing Content


Content. People keep calling it “King” and telling you how much you need it.

We’re not giving it a fancy title, but we do agree that you need content. And most of it needs to be your own – as in original, not curated. And it should be rich in relevant information, keywords, and visual appeal.

That’s a tall order, we know. It takes time, budget, and talented copywriters and designers. (we have those-just sayin’…).

The solution (other than hiring us) is to repurpose your content. Notice that we didn’t say recycle. Don’t keep tweeting the same dang post over and over again. It gets old. It clogs up our feed. We scroll past it – quickly…

Repurposing is the art of taking a core piece of content and using it in different ways. It’s the digital marketing version of a Swiss Army knife: one tool that serves several purposes.

Try these handy tips to start repurposing and getting more life out of your content:

Repaint: make old content new again.

The easiest way to repurpose content is to refresh existing blog posts, whitepapers or guides.

Review your analytics report for your best-performing collateral, then select a few pieces that could warrant an update. For example, you could revive an outdated report on industry trends with recent statistics, or amend an old opinion piece about the beta version of an app with your take on the recently-released upgrade.

Or revisit the subject of an old post by writing a sequel piece; share a bit of controversial news or the latest buzz.

Bonus: Googlebot adores fresh content, so updating could give your SERP ranking a boost.

Build in stages: break content into a series.

Rather than writing a general overview of your topic, why not turn that one post into a comprehensive series that explores each element in detail? You can still use the same information, but now you’re creating something more valuable for the user. And not only are you breaking up the work, but now you have more pages containing your desired keywords and more content to share. Fancy.

Diving into your subject matter also provides a platform to show off your knowledge; one basic article won’t make you look like an expert – but eight well-founded, detailed articles? Now you’ve proven your authority on the subject.

Stock both Phillips and Flathead: tell the story in different formats.

We all consume content differently. So if you want to reach as many people as possible, you need different kinds of content.

This kind of repurposing is very effective if you’ve conducted a survey or collected proprietary statistics because it gives you the opportunity to toot your own horn while getting as much life out of that data as you can.

A well-sourced whitepaper could be followed by an infographic that summarizes all the key statistics, and then a blog post in which you share lessons learned during the case study. A new regulation in your field is perfect fodder for an eGuide that details the changes, a SlideShare that summarizes the key points, and a podcast interview with an expert at the regulatory agency.

Now go forth and repurpose. (That tool belt looks good on you.)

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