What Does Optimization Really Mean on a Display Ad Network?

HyperX works hard to ensure clients’ campaigns succeed and goals are met. The tool used to achieve this success is optimization. We buy inventory from hundreds of local niche websites, national exchanges, retargeting partners, video partners, and more. It is then our job to ensure the client’s budget is properly allocated to sites and placements that match our client’s key performance indicators. This could be clicks, conversions, hover time, average visit duration, a completed form, or simply the impression itself. As we buy inventory, each deal is negotiated with every detail in mind – geo-targeting, retargeting, audience, frequency, reach, technology, accuracy, and more. We also ensure each placement receives enough impressions to thoroughly test the campaign’s performance against that specific placement.

Currently we have relationships with every radio, newspaper, and TV station along the Wasatch Front. Our clients’ buys also include several of our exclusive niche publishers like utahdealdiva.com and jazzfanz.com. We also make hyper-targeted media buys on national exchanges such as Right Media Exchange, Yahoo!, and Google AdX, to name a few. Having purchased impressions in the Utah market for over 6 years, we know which placements perform and which do not, allowing us to optimize your campaign out the gate.

After the third day of your campaign we set a performance benchmark based on the data received. Now, we begin to remove placements that perform below the benchmark, ensuring a large enough sample size was used prior to doing so. In some cases, we may begin to eliminate all but a few websites and risk delivering 100% of the campaign. In the case of this event, we will find similar sites to those that are performing, negotiate a rate, and continue testing until we stabilize performance.

We also have the capability to target by hour of the day, day of the week, zip code, browser type, operating systems, age, gender, and income. Depending on your campaign, we can also target by where they have been in the past. This is called re-targeting and can be used to broaden your reach or increase the number of times someone will interact with your brand.

So to answer the question, “What does optimization really mean on a Display Ad Network?”.  It means time, energy, persistence, knowledge, and expertise. If you’re currently buying from an exchange or ad network, ask them how they optimize. You may find that you aren’t getting what you thought you were.

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