Engagement Marketing

Engagement Marketing is nothing new. The digital landscape has transformed the way people communicate, digest and share marketing, and receive their advertising, making it more important than ever to incorporate an Engagement Marketing strategy into your online and offline planning.

Dave Chaffey’s recent Ad Tech London presentation on 12 Digital Marketing Trends for 2012 (you can see what they are and download the PowerPoint deck here) states that “An engagement strategy is important to cut-through,” and “The importance of developing an engaging, shareable brand increases each day: algorithms and people FAVOUR THE MOST ENGAGING BRANDS.”

When people interact with a brand in a personal way by participating and engaging, they are far more likely to become brand advocates and word of mouth marketers. This goes way beyond Facebook “Likes.” And with Search incorporating online engagement into its algorithms, it is vital to take a proactive role in strategically growing and nurturing your online engagement. Google using data from Google+ in search results makes the search experience much more personal. The implications of this are highly significant for brands.

Phygital Marketing (when the physical world meets the digital world) illustrates how digital devices and QR code technology are perfectly suited to engage people by combining things we do and interact with in our everyday life with an active, engaging, fun call to action. Check out what Fiat did recently with their Fiat Street Evo app. Hiding prizes in traffic signs? Pretty innovative, I’d say.

There are many ways to acquire customers and keep them engaged. Technology and a sound creative/communication strategy can personalize the marketing experience and keep customers coming back.

Are you incorporating an engagement strategy into your planning efforts? What out of the box and innovative ways are you using to engage your customers?

Are your marketing efforts relying on Interruption Marketing? Is that the best way to spend your marketing dollars? Get in touch with our Engagement Marketing experts at info@hyperxmarketing.com for a consultation on what we can do to support your business.

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